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Top 50 Unaired Friends Episodes


50. The One With a Stain

49. The One Where Chandler Gets Wet

48. The One With 23 Minutes of Stunned Silence

47. The One Where Phoebe and Monica Swap Names

46. The One Where Joey Is Elected Prime Minister of Chad

45. The One With the Oily Rope

44. The One From Last Week

43. The One With Slightly Racist Overtones

42. The One With a Hard Boiled Egg

41. The One With a Numb Sensation

40. The One Where Rachel Isn’t In It

39. The One Where Jerry and Hambone Hop a Train to Terre Haute, Indiana

38. The One With an Overdose

37. The One Where Joey Reads a Newspaper Article

36. The One With the Abscess

35. The One Where Ross Gets Hungry

34. The One With a Passive-agressive Note About Parking

33. The One Where Monica Can’t Even

32. The One Where Joey’s Halloween Costume Starts on Fire

31. The One Where Carlos Santana Plays the Same Guitar Solo He Always Plays

30. The One on Spring Break

29. The One Where Ross Penetrates the Pentagon Computer Network in Search of His Real Parents

28. The One In Outer Space

27. The One Where Someone Has Parsnips

26. The One With a Gas Leak

25. The One With a Heavy Creationism Message

24. The One Where Chandler Updates His Goddamned Adobe Flash Software Again

23. The One Where Nothing Happens

22. The One Sponsored by Applebee’s

21. The One With Shoulders

20. The One Where Chandler and Monica Just Can’t Get It Right, Right?

19. The One Where Phoebe Tries Salt For the First Time

18. The One With Holes

17. Ozymandias

16. The One With Sunglasses

15. The One With Graphic Violence

14. The One on a Six-Person Motorcycle

13. The One Where Rachel Gets Thirsty

12. The One in Black and White

11. The One Where a Man Claiming To Be Jeff “Skunk” Baxter Swindles The Gang Out Of 700 Bucks Claiming He Can Get Them Some Primo Weed

10. The One Where the Grid Went Down

9. The One With the Vietnam Flashback

8. The One Written by William Butler Yeats in 1917

7. The One Where Chandler Scores Some Poached Rhino Horns

6. The One Where Ross Eats Food

5. The One With the Time Machine

4. The One Without Internet for 30 Minutes

3. The One Where Phoebe Kicks a Field Goal for The Atlanta Falcons

2. The One Where Joey Shakes His Hillbilly Heroin Addiction for the Third Time

1. The One With No Pants

I’m glad I listed to Pistol Shrimps radio so I know that #11 happened to Mark’s old room mates.

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